Friday, September 25, 2015

Get Paid to Play Games with the Whaff App

The Whaff app, is an app that pays you to download apps, play games, and to interact with other apps. This app is full of opportunities to earn a little extra cash. Each day you login you get $.01 and paid to play the games you have downloaded. Play a game for 1 to 4 minutes, depending on what is required, and earn anywhere from $.50 to $.02. I have also seen them pay $1.00 for some apps. For each day you keep the game on your device you earn any where from $.05 to $.01, for just having the game or app on your device.

The first time you download the Whaff app use this code to recieve an extra $.30: 

I have been a Whaff app user for a few months now and have earned $30.00 from just downloading and playing games. I also have my kids play the games as well, this keeps them busy, and they have a lot of new games to play.

So now lets go into detail on how to earn money with Whaff.

When the app opens, their main dashboard has a list of games and apps to download (Titled Premium Picks in the menu at the top). Each of these apps rewards you for installation, daily play, and daily rewards. Next to each of these rewards is the amount you will be rewarded and what you have to do to qualify for that reward. Now when installing the apps from Whaff, you must click on the app displayed within the Whaff app. Once it takes you to the download page in the Google play store, download the app and make sure to open the app from that screen, in order for you to get reward for installing the app. Also for you to be reward for using the app you must access the app through the Whaff app to receive
your reward.

The next option to receive rewards on the Whaff menu is, Whaff Picks. You can access the Whaff picks by sliding your finger to the left, allowing you to see the menu to the right. The list of apps on this menu just rewards you one time for completing the task at hand. Some just require you to download and open, while others may want you to subscribe, reach a certain level or something else.

Sliding your finger to the left again bring you to the menu option on the right is Other Picks, Here you will see options for you to “install and open ads.” I have never done this. So if you make money with this option let me know and I will include it in this post for others to benefit from.

Slide your finger to the left again to get to the right of the menu picks and you will see the Attendance, screen where you can mark your daily attendance for $.01 everyday.

In the left hand corner of the app you will se the Whaff logo, where you can access the menu. Here you can see your reward history, request payout, settings, and other options. You can request a payout once you reach $10.50 or more.

Now I know that things can get a little messy downloading apps that you probably don’t want or wont use, and then you forget about them and you run out of memory on your device. Since I use many apps that require you to download apps to receive a reward I decided to organize them upon my device. I create a folder for each app (such as Whaff, has it’s own folder) and place all the apps it required me to download within that folder. Once I am down earning the reward for an app I uninstall it.


  1. "Slide your finger to the left again to get to the right of the menu picks and you will see the Attendance, screen where you can mark your daily attendance for $.01 everyday"

    1 cent per day, wow, that's 30 cents per month! I'll be a millionaire in no time :)

    Jeff |

  2. LOL ... I feel your pain Jeff Jones. That $.01 cent just adds to your earning you are already making when playing games through the Whaff app. I know you wont get rich or anything, but, it is a fun way to earn a few extra dollars.

  3. I'm sure that these games are great for people who enjoy it. I'm one of them but I don't like games for money and I found another one and I can say that I chose this site because there are different games for everyone :)

  4. Thank you Nora Marsen, I will definitely check out that site and see which games I may enjoy.

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