Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tsu, A Soical Media Site that Pays

Tsu is a social media network much like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Google Plus and Twitter. The difference between Tsu and other social media sites is that you get paid to post, follow others, and to invite your friends and family. Unlike Facebook, Tsu shares the revenue they make off of advertisements with their users. 90% of the revenue that Tsu makes off of their displayed advertisements goes to the users and the other 10% goes to Tsu.

 Tsu is free to join but you must be invited first. You can use this link to join  Your Invited too Tsu Click Here 

Tsu is much like network marketing in a sense, because of the referral based invites. Although, instead of having a team, Tsu calls your follows or friends “family.” Your family on Tsu is displayed in a family tree. Those that join through your referral code are considered your children on the Tsu network, and those that join through your children’s referral code are considered your grandchildren. Through your children and your children’s children, you can make money from the earnings they make. It’s not a lot but it is a little something. If you have a lot of children who have children, then you can prudentially make a good amount with Tsu. There are many celebrities and organizations on Tsu already. The more friends you have on Tsu the more cash you can earn, and the more you share and get
reviews the better your chances are to earning a lot more. The more engaging your content, the more it gets shared, the more money you make. One of the ways you can do this is with HashTags. Tsu has a way to search for hashtags which makes it easier for others to find the content they are looking for, and easier for you to help them find it. Once you reach $100 you can request a check.
 You wont get rich from Tsu, but it is a fun way to make a little extra cash while doing something you already do. But, who knows if you become popular enough on Tsu you may potentially make a good amount of money.
 As always if you need help with the Tsu site just leave a comment, I am here to help. Here is the link to Join Tsu: Join Tsu Make Money Online


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