Friday, September 18, 2015

Unlock Your Phone and Earn Money with Slidejoy

With the Slidejoy app you can earn carats (points) for unlocking your phone. These carats can be redeemed for cash into your Paypal account or for gift cards. Slidejoy displays advertisements on your lock screen, which allows them to pay their users. This is an easy way to earn a little extra cash without having to put in a lot of effort. Unlike many other reward lock screen apps, Slidejoy doesn’t require you to interact with the advertisements. Although, interacting with the advertisements may increase your earnings. Join Slidejoy

You can claim your carats once a month. For every 100 carats you earn equals $1. I have only had Slidejoy for a couple of months and have been earning $2 to $4, without having to interact with the advertisements displayed on my lock screen.  Next month I am going to invest some time and see if you earn more for interacting with the advertisements, if you it is possible I will update this posting and acknowledge my earnings.

There are two different modes with Slidejoy, Hero Mode and Normal Mode. The Hero Mode allows
you to donate your earnings to charities, while normal mode allows you to redeem your carats for cash or gift cards. The choice is yours. Either way you are earning something with Slidejoy and it is definitely an app to try out. In later post I will have other lock screen apps for you to try and see which one is best for you and your device.

Too join Slide joy click this link on your android device: Join Slidejoy and Start Earning Today

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