Saturday, October 17, 2015

Earn FREE Gift Cards, Paypal Credits and more with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great site to earn FREE gift cards, PayPal credits, prizes, and  WIN sweepstakes. There are many ways to earn with Swagbucks, some more intriguing then others. I've had a lot of fun with Swagbucks over the years. I have received many FREE gift cards and prizes. There are many ways to engage with this site, including special codes featured on their social media sites and through their blog, which can earn you additional SBs (Swagbucks).

If you decided to join Swagbucks Earn with Swagbucks you will earn 150 SBs to start you off on your first FREE gift card, Paypal credit, or prize. Refer a friend and you will earn 10% of everything they earn for life, which adds to your success with Swagbucks. 

Earn Gift Cards, Cash, and Prizes with Swagbucks

Daily SBs

Swagbucks also has daily activities and task, which aid to your earning status and a greater chance at earning more SBs. They call this “Daily Goal.” Every SB you earn in one day adds to your Daily Goal. If you reach your Daily Goal you will earn 3 additional SBs. On the left side of the Homepage there will be a list of ways to earn SBs. On that list is a “To Do List,” this list consist of daily task that you can complete at least once a day for SBs. Included on the To Do List, is a Daily Poll, Daily Crave, and Daily offers.

The Daily Poll is one question, based on your personal opinion, if answered you earn 1 SB.
The Daily Crave, shows you content, in which you vote rather you liked the content or not. You will be rewarded 1 SB for your opinion.
The Daily Offers show special rewards offered by other companies. You are not obligated to sign up for anything, but some may be of interest to you. If not, you may skip through and you will still be rewarded for viewing these Daily offers. You will earn 2 SBs for viewing these offers.

Other ways to Earn SBs

  • Search and Earn: You can search and earn SBs by just using their search engine. 
  • Shopping: You can earn SBs by shopping through the Swagbuck's site, with many well-known stores and more. You can even earn FREE gift cards for the very store you shopped from.
  • Watching Videos: Watch videos to earn SBs. Sometimes I open another tab on my browser and allow videos to play, while I complete other task. Swagbucks offer many interesting videos in many topics that are sure to interest anyone. I am sure you may find something you will enjoy in their video library.
  • Surveys: You can earn more SBs by taking surveys. Each survey you may qualify for will earn you 75 SB, give or take. And for each you do not qualify for, you will earn 1 SB for your efforts. So no matter what you still earn a little something.
  • Discover: Discover special offers, with the Discover tab on Swagbuck’s homepage. Here you will find many offers, some are free, others are paid or trials but it is worth a glance. These offers give you a chance to earn a large amount of SBs.
  • Play Games: You can also earn SBs for playing games through Swagbucks with GSN games. Although, this may require you to purchase tokens through the GSN site to play games, there are some free games to play as well.

There are many ways you can earn SBs and receive FREE gift cards, PayPal credits, and prizes. If you decide to sign up with Swagbucks, you can come back to this article and I will leave Swagbuck’s codes for you to claim to earn more SBs. Sign up with Swagbucks by following this link Signup with Swagbucks Today and receive Gift Cards and Pay Pal Credits.

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